About Us

schoollibraryPALs is an organization of volunteers who believe professionally staffed and adequately funded school libraries are critical to the future success of students in our modern information society.

In our digital world, the need for an information expert in each school is more necessary than ever. Librarians teach literacy, research, and critical thinking skills that can easily be overlooked in the regular classroom. These are vital skills that help students navigate the digital world of social media and online search tools.

Unfortunately, some policy makers seem to believe that “Computers have replaced the need for books and librarians.” This mistaken belief is like saying “Calculators have replaced the need for pencils and math teachers.”

schoolibraryPALs works to educate political and educational leaders about the vital need for a certified teacher librarian in every school and promotes better funding for school library programs in the state of Utah.

  • Shanell Day
  • JaDene Denniston
  • Dr. Anne Diekema
  • Caitlin Gerrity
  • Lori Komlos
  • Fawn Morgan
  • DeeDee Mower
  • Barbara Smith, Co-founder, schoollibraryPALS
  • Dr. Sharyl Smith, Chair, Co-founder, schoollibraryPALS
  • Marilyn Walker, Vice-Chair
  • Jim Wilson, Secretary
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